About Us


About Us

Equiscript works with eligible covered entities to create and manage a 340B home delivery pharmacy that complements our clients’ existing 340B pharmacy programs.
We have eight years of experience identifying high-need, high-risk 340B-eligible patients who are not being serviced by in-house or contract pharmacies.  We
specialize in developing highly personalized outreach programs to recruit those patients to a contracted home delivery pharmacy, where we provide personalized
service through a team of dedicated Patient Care Advocates.  The program provides 340B covered entities with a targeted approach to increasing their 340B
capture rate while supporting patient compliance and increasing continuity of care.

Our Cause

At Equiscript, we are dedicated to improving access to healthcare in the communities we serve.

We do this by:

  • Building relationships based upon our core values.
  • Helping people get the medications and care they need.
  • Developing financial resources through the 340B drug program for our clients to help their patients.

Put simply, we are dedicated to improving outcomes through patient care.   Our service makes it more convenient for patients to get their prescribed medications,
making it easier for patients to be more adherent with their doctors’ prescribed courses of treatment.

Our program gives back to the communities we serve.  When we partner with a hospital or health center, the financial savings generated from the Equiscript program
go straight back into the community. Facilities  have used the proceeds from our program to fund programs such as diabetes  clinics and chemotherapy labs – creating
access to these resources when it previously hadn’t existed in their communities.

We consider ourselves privileged to work for a cause that does so much good in the communities we serve.


We’re always looking for smart, forward-thinking problem solvers to join our team.  Please visit our careers page for information about current openings.

Meet our Team

Meet our leadership team below or click here to meet our Regional Sales Managers.

About us


Equiscript is a mission-driven company dedicated to improving access to healthcare in the communities we serve.

Michael Burkhold President and CEO

Mike likes the big picture - offer a great service, be passionate about taking care of people, and business thrives.

Steven Kerr Chief Financial Officer

Steven has a keen attention to detail and ensures that client financial and 340B compliance matters are handled properly.

Benji Walvoord Chief Information Officer

Benji drives the data bus. He believes in just the right balance of information and individualized decision making.

Sharon Walsh
Director of Client Success

Sharon has more than fifteen years of medical office and practice management experience. Our clients love her site visits because she knows how to make processes work - and she's great fun to be around!

Juliet Quick
Director of Marketing and 340B Contracting

Juliet brings a passion for creativity and innovation, along with a fierce competitive spirit, to Equiscript’s sales and marketing programs.

Ruben Leija
Director of Operations

Ruben ensures efficiency and compassion are embedded in every step of Equiscript’s operation. From executives to patients, he continually improves the quality of our services.

Joe Munson
Business Development Manager

Joe is results driven and team oriented, with an innate ability to satisfy customer needs and concerns. He is a competitive and passionate leader driven to help others.

Nick Zulauf Patient Sales Manager

Nick has a bright spirit that shines throughout every interaction. His ingenuity and charismatic leadership set the standard for building trust and long-lasting relationships with our patients.

Crystal Meredith Program Fulfillment Manager

Crystal is a strong communicator. Her positive attitude and engaging personality help drive her team to success.

Katy Ditchfield, SHRM-SCP Human Resources Manager

Katy is an energetic and engaging Human Resources leader who thinks outside the box. She uses her expertise to implement and further develop our talent, as well as manage our policies and procedures.

Whitney Moore Patient Experience Supervisor

Linzy Greene Program Fulfillment Specialist

Linzy provides exceptional service and caters to each person as an individual. Her understanding of her patients’ wants and needs truly allows her to optimize their experience.